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8 Benefits of Step Aerobics

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Get Stepping with MultiSport Fitness!!! 

MultiSport Fitness is excited to be able to introduce and welcome a full spectrum of Step Classes that have been designed to meet the unique needs of our members through aerobic exercise with a plethora of benefits.  With a heavy emphasis placed on Zumba workouts in the recent decade, there has been a great transformation in the Step Classes and aerobic classes that you may have once thought of, and now have been designed with a goal in mind to keep up heart rate while also providing an exceptional workout for the glutes, legs and core muscle groups.

Increase Fitness Performance with Step Workouts

A Step Workout, enhanced by MultiSport Fitness, can work to develop a layering of benefits to the body that will help support additional activities and daily movements.  A regularly attended session of a Step Course can help provide enhanced cardiovascular and muscular endurance for the body, helping to support additional activities such as cycling or running.  Additionally, movements in a Step Class combine movements from multiple levels of the body, from upper to lower body integration, and drastically works to improve coordination and agility.  And, of course, you can’t forget that every time you step up when moving in a step class, you are incorporating additional leg strength that will help to propel you forward in additional activities pursued as the resistance of your body weight is emphasized in each step made.  The incorporation of upper-body movement is critical in the full body engagement made at Multi Sport fitness and will help participants realize greater benefits.

Within one 60-minute class with MultiSport fitness, the cardio-equivalent would be at least equal to running seven miles, helping to show that this class is sure to get your heart pumping and working to strengthen each muscle group of your body, starting with the heart.

Steps for Health

As with every aspect focused on at MultiSport Fitness, the goal is to not only make our members more physically fit, but to also increase overall health and wellbeing.  Step Classes will go beyond helping to make members better athletes, and will work to improve heart and lung function through intense cardiovascular routines involved with Step Classes.

Importance of Staying Connected to the Gym During the Warmer Months

Soon, April showers will be turning to May flowers and the temperatures will be rising.  As the temperatures rise, there are several considerations to be made in staying connected to the gym to maintain positive levels of fitness and overall wellness.   Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that will be taking place during the coming months and the benefits of maintaining a balanced workout routine, both in the gym and while enjoying the warm summer air.


Safety first.  One of the primary reasons to maintain fitness in a gym-environment during the summer months is for the personal health and wellbeing maintained during physical fitness.  As the temperatures rise outdoors, the probability of heat stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration become increasingly possible.  By staying connected with indoor workouts throughout the summer months, you not only maintain a high volume and high-quality of workouts, but you also maintain an invaluable level of safety and peace of mind to your personal well-being.  If unmonitored, heat stroke and rising body temperatures can lead to considerable health risks and by conducting workouts indoors, you dramatically reduce these risks from occurring during the warmer months of spring and summer.

In addition to the level of safety maintained in relation to the temperature increases of the summer months, there is the additional factor of safety to be considered in relation to cycling outdoors and allowing for a consistent and high quality workout with options available.  In perfect conditions, the rolling hills and steady climbs of a State Highway can be of great consideration to getting an ultimate cycling workout, but there is an unmistakable danger present in roadways in the East and throughout the United States, with over 21,000 motorist-to-cyclists accidents occurring annually.  The highest portion of cyclist accidents occurs when motorists emerge into the direct path of a cyclist or when motorists turn across the path of a cyclist.

The warmer weather and rolling hills may be tempting, but the peace of mind and safety provided with a RealRyder indoor cycling class is hard pass up, especially when you are guaranteed to engage your upper body, lower body, and core strength in an intensive and quality-enriched workout every time you hop on a RealRyder.

High Quality High Reward

By staying connected to the gym during the summer months you are able to maintain high-quality and consistency in workouts that lead to sustained results for the long term.  Often times, an individual that abandons the routine from the gym during the summer months finds it challenging, seemingly impossible, to hop back into the rhythm and consistency when the Fall months approach.  By maintaining a consistent level of workouts in the gym during the summer months, in compilation with outdoor exercises and activities, you develop a healthy balance of quality and freshness to workouts that will keep you in top shape year-round without the concern of dropping out of rhythm when the leaves begin to fall.

By maintaining quality workouts in the gym during the summer months, you also support your personal initiatives and goals with the ability to perform with coaches and instructors.  The support team around you at MultiSport Fitness helps to provide consistency in every workout and will align specific workouts and technique that directly correlates to the goals and vision you have set for yourself.  Fitness goals and support in achieving those goals do not take a summer vacation and by taking a break from the gym when temperatures rise, you hinder the ability to achieve the goals set.  By staying consistent and continuing to partner with coaches throughout the full spectrum of the year, you will continue to be pleased with results achieved.

Additionally, every resource for tracking progress and developing fundamental skills are easily at hand in the gym environment, whereas additional costs and investments would need to be considered to maintain the same level of success in workout quality and progression when taken away from the structure provided in the gym.  Go out and enjoy the sunshine and do activities such as hiking with friends, running with the four-legged kiddos, or competing in a local race or competition during the summer months, but don’t forget the high value of quality and consistency you achieve in every workout at MultiSport Fitness that helps you to be your best you that you envision.


Preparing for Spring Cycling

Indoor Cycling tips to get you prepared for the longer rides that come with Spring and Summer

Spring is right around the corner!  With warmer weather on the horizon, the focus on preparing for longer rides and building strength and endurance in cycling becomes much more critical and time-sensitive.  With Spring and Summer right around the corner, this article will help provide indoor cycling workouts and activities to get you ready for the open road or trail, building strength and stamina in a short amount of time to ensure you are prepared by the time the outdoor thermometer peaks.

Interval Workout

Short on time?  An interval workout, also referred to as a tempo-workout, is an effective way to get strength and stamina established within a short time span.  During Spring and Summer rides it is normal to have a weekend ride that extends for several hours, testing both stamina and strength of riders.  Thinking about spending 3 or more hours during an indoor cycling session can be daunting; this is where interval workouts come into play by allowing a cyclist to get a maximum-quality workout within 1 hour.

By combining intensive training intervals (high output) and relaxed paced (rest) over the duration of an hour workout, interval workouts help to establish greater sustainable pace and endurance for athletes.  There are several methods to determine the intensity levels that should be sustained during the high output portion of an interval, but for optimal results heart rate or power output training is recommended.

How to Find Your Peak Interval 

When embarking upon the benefits of interval workouts, the initial key to success is determining your max interval duration, or your peak power output. To determine your maximum interval duration period, schedule 30 minutes of undisturbed workout time where you will be able to focus on either power output or heart rate during the training session.  Using what is known as the T-Max Method, follow these steps to determine your peak interval:

  • Use a power meter or heart rate monitor and begin a 3-minute warmup period, getting your power or hear rate to a comfortable pace, and build up to a heightened pace
  • For the next 8 minutes, steadily increase pace and resistance on the bike until you reach a point at which you feel exhaustion is impending, holding that pace for as long as you can and notating your resistance, power reading, and heart rate
  • Upon completion of the 8 minute trial, rest at a comfortable pace for 10 minutes, allowing your heart rate to decrease steadily
  • After completing the 10 minute rest period, complete the 8 minute-intensity trial once more, again notating the level of resistance, power output, and hear rate when you become exhausted (Note that the second 8-minute intensity period will most likely be felt at a lower level than your first 8-minute period as your body has become somewhat drained during the preceding exercise)
  • Average the results from the first and second 8-minute high-intensity periods and you will have obtained the interval information that will be utilized in future training sessions for tempo-workouts

Optimal interval training sessions are most often conducted at approximately 60 percent of the T-Max level determined. By combining high output with rest intervals within an hour cycling workout, athletes will be able to develop enhanced strength and endurance that directly relates to benefits on longer rides during the Spring and Summer.  In addition, interval training helps increase maximum sustained speed that provides a competitive advantage to the athletes that compete in cycling and triathlon events throughout the year.

RealRyder Benefits for Spring and Summer

In addition to the types of workouts being performed in the weeks and months leading up to Spring or Summer, the equipment used during workouts has just as great of importance in yielding top quality results for those in training.  Capitalizing on full body workouts and maximum calorie output during indoor exercises will relate to positive outcomes in outdoor rides and events during Spring and Summer months.

By engaging upper body, lower body, and core muscles, the RealRyder indoor cycling bike provides for a dynamic and functional experience for cyclists looking to get the most out of their indoor workouts.  Components that are normally attributed to outdoor cycling, such as steering, balance, adjustment and pedaling come full circle with the RealRyder system and yields additional benefits such as increased calorie output (100 more calories per 45 minute session) and improved balance that will provide peace of mind for cyclists getting back into the groove of riding on the open road without apparent risks involved.

In addition to enhanced physical benefits provided by the RealRyder indoor cycling bike, mental benefits are also heightened for athletes in training as the RealRyder system provides variety and natural-application.  Variety, such as outdoor cycling simulation to dance cycling helps to keep athletes intrigued and focused during indoor training sessions.  The focus through balance and strength development again directly attributes to natural-application in riding that benefits cyclists looking to fulfill recreational riding activities in following months as well as elite athletes in competition settings.  The versatility for all skill levels and interest makes the RealRyder indoor cycling bike a must have experience for those looking to maximize pre-Spring workouts.

With Spring right around the corner, there are many activities and resources available that will help get you ready for the trail or open road.  Using interval training and RealRyder systems provides an exceptional foundation to success that is unmistakable when the days and rides get longer.  Be at the front of the pack and get started today while incorporating these valuable resources to your workout.


Why Working Out Now Will Get You Bathing Suit Ready

Getting into Swimsuit Shape before summer with MultiSport Fitness

Spring has officially arrived and soon enough the pools and beaches will be calling. We are at a perfect time to get bathing suit ready before Memorial Day marks the start of the warmest season of the year.  Getting “in shape,” or into “bathing suit shape,” correlates directly to the fundamental of fitness not being a destination, but rather an ongoing process where the first weeks mark, not an end but a beginning.  Let’s take a look at why starting now will provide key benefits to your overall fitness and wellness before summer hits:

2 Weeks After Starting a Fitness Routine with MultiSport Fitness

Within two weeks of starting a fitness routine your body will start to show immediate benefits of exercise, such as enhanced muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and normalization in heart rate during training. In addition, a personalized fitness routine within the first two weeks will provide increased energy levels and a stronger immune system that build a foundation for wellness. These are critical elements to becoming physically “fit” as well as bathing suit ready on your journey to a healthier and fit summer.

6 – 8 Weeks After Starting a Fitness Routine with MultiSport Fitness

Within 8 weeks of starting a fitness regimen with MultiSport Fitness, achievements in body composition will be boosted. In addition, you will find that your previous levels of workout intensity that were once perceived as “hard” are now too easy and you will be able to challenge yourself to achieve the next level of fitness.

Getting into bathing suit shape and developing fitness as a core habit is an ongoing process. Let’s take a closer look at some of the activities that MultiSport Fitness Gym provides to help you achieve the bathing suit shape you seek before summer arrives.

The Personal Training Difference

Working with a training staff that is ACSM and NASM Certified, the personal trainers at MultiSport Fitness help to provide a professional atmosphere in attaining the bathing suit shape you drive for. By developing tailored exercise plans with the incorporation of multiple components of fitness, overall performance will be achieved at an efficiently higher rate, helping to get ready for summer within weeks rather than months.

Schedule your one-on-one training session today.

The Impact of Nutrition

Developing strong fitness habits within the upcoming weeks will be part of the equation necessary to achieve the bathing suit shape you seek with nutrition being just as important. There is truly no substitute for proper nutrition as it helps to power and fuel your body in the journey to wellness.  At MultiSport Fitness, we offer multiple levels of nutrition-wellness to aid in the goal of becoming healthy and fit.

From a Full Body Composition breakdown where analysis and interpretation is completed to help set goals in alignment with the objectives being set, to group or individual nutrition classes where Venice Nutrition helps to burn body fat and boost energy to get you bathing suit ready within 28 days. Each level of nutrition planning builds on the ideal of balance, performance, and turning your body into a “fat torching machine.”  Integrating nutrition hand-in-hand with a stable fitness routine with MultiSport Fitness directly relates to getting bathing suit ready sooner rather than later.

Summer is just around the corner and the bathing suit is shouting from the closet. Take a moment today to see how MultiSport Fitness will get you bathing suit ready before Memorial Day and help to spark an ongoing journey of fitness and wellness for many years to come.


Why You Are More Likely to Exercise
Belonging to a Gym Increases Commitment to Exercise

What if someone were to say to you that they could do the following with one simple action:
• Double your chances for fitness success
• Make exercise more fun
• Help to create space and time in a busy schedule
• Provide motivation to achieve the goals that have been established

If you have been looking for a solution, such as the items listed above, you are in luck. Belonging to a gym, attending fitness classes, and having a support system around individuals is evaluated as being the most important factor in creating long-term health and fitness success. By incorporating the assistance of those around you in a gym or fitness class, workout buddies and instructors become much more- becoming teammates, coaches, and cheerleaders, all while helping you to achieve your personal goals.

Let’s take a closer look as to why working out in a gym and utilizing fitness classes leads to more positive and effective workouts.

Equipment and Convenience
Fitness goals set by an individual normally require the ability to utilize strength building equipment. From tension machines, to barbells, to RealRyder stationary bikes, fitness gyms provide the convenient access to equipment that helps individuals to achieve the goals set. Having a membership to a gym provides unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of gym equipment that provides an extensive array of options to be utilized when designing an exercise program.

The ability to have access to a wide range of equipment with incredibly reasonable cost, provides a service beyond convenience- it provides the ability to continue to be engaged in workouts and activities that may otherwise become mundane if an individual did not have access. When someone is able to become excited in the opportunity of trying out a new exercise or having varied access to top-of-the-line equipment, they are also more likely to exercise more often, achieving goals planned.

Beyond having the access and ability to utilize exercise equipment and training tools within a convenient setting, having access to a gym and fitness classes provides another unique element to helping individuals continue to exercise- Expertise. Such as with MultiSport Fitness, where the gym offers personal training that helps to apply key fundamental principles of exercise science in a safe and effective manner. In addition, the personalized development plans created within personal training found within the gym help to keep individuals focused and action-oriented toward goals set.

By having a resource available that is trusting and knowledgeable, individuals pursuing fitness goals have peace of mind in knowing that attending a gym will lead to results, likewise increasing the probability of returning to the gym and improving exercise as compared to someone who does not belong to a fitness studio.

Motivation and Accountability
Perhaps the most important factor as to why a gym leads to individuals exercising more often, and having successful outcomes, is in motivation and accountability. A recent study released by Psychology of Sport and Exercise identified the fact that the exercise habits of individuals around you have a positive influence on your personal exercise habits. This means that by attending a gym or fitness class and seeing others around you pursuing their personal fitness goals, you will become automatically more motivated to fulfill and maintain your exercise habits.

By working out with others in a gym setting or fitness class, the primal instinct of interpersonal support kicks in when we “seek the company and positive reinforcement of others” through exercise conducted. This positive reinforcement of working out alongside others in a gym and fitness class setting provides for increased opportunity to achieve success where motivation can help lead to completing one more set, or even just helping to push you further when you may have felt like you want to give up, or even feeling hopeless. There is always hope and motivation to be found in a gym.

Beyond the incredible support and motivation found within a gym-setting, belonging to a gym also provides for another key element known as accountability. By building relationships with those around you in fitness classes and within a gym, the psychology-factor comes through with the feeling of responsibility and commitment toward other individuals, making it additionally more likely to follow through on the commitment of working out and exercising. What better place to find accountability than at a gym?

By providing high quality equipment with availability of expertise, alongside motivation and accountability, belonging to a gym and attending fitness classes helps to increase the likelihood of achieving results in wellness. Sign up today and see how easy it is to get hooked on a positive atmosphere.

Why It’s Important to Workout with your Child

Taking a look at the key benefits and resources of working out as a family

Times have certainly changed.  Over the past three decades, the increased percentage of utilization in video games, Social Media, and binge-watching television has had a dramatic impact on the health and wellness of families and youth throughout the world.  In a recent report conducted by CNN Health, it was identified that “declining opportunities for family interaction and increasing sedentary time at home represent a significant threat to our children’s health and wellness.”

With average time spent in front of a television or computer screen by those aged 8 to 18 is now at over 4 hours per day, obesity rates have tripled for children and have increased by over four-times for adolescents over recent years, with 1 in 5 children aged 12 and over being considered overweight or obese.  Beyond the physical wellbeing of youth in a household, time spent in front of a screen rather than interacting with one another has been identified by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as a negative impact to quality future mental health in children.

The statistics are sometimes scary to look at and have been realized by many families throughout the world looking for an answer to the threat of screen-time and the detriment it plays on mental and physical health of children and parents, alike.

So, what’s the answer?  Simply, understanding the importance of working out with your child.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits and facts of incorporating your child in workouts:

Beyond Physical Strength

The benefits of exercise and physical activity go far beyond strength and conditioning of the body.  For youth, the ability to be a part of a regular exercise program alongside parents and family directly leads to increased academic performance and helps to reduce stress levels.  As children are continually observing parents through both verbal and physical language, the ability to see parents in a positive environment that helps to reduce stress and improve thinking capability goes beyond the gym and will help make a significant impact for years to come.

In addition to an increase on the report card and reduction in stress, overall emotional well-being is enhanced when children participate in workout activities with parents.  The release of beta-endorphins and increased serotonin during physical exercise, in both adults and children, correlates to feelings of well-being and reduction in mental depression.  Life can be hard for a child that is balancing school work, friends, and extra-curricular activities; increased personal feelings of well-being will make those challenges easier to overcome and reduce stress along the way for both parent and child.

By working out as a family and incorporating healthy nutrition and health practices, parents demonstrate that sedentary behavior is in the past, and physical wellbeing is the new “Like Button” of the future.

Actions Today, Benefits Tomorrow

The physical benefits of exercise go far beyond the actions of today for children that participate in fitness with parents and family.  Let’s take a look at some of the critical physical-based benefits that children will profit from for years to come after being involved in regularly occurring exercise with parents:

  • Cancer Prevention: By exercising regularly as a family and incorporating healthy nutrition, the likelihood of cancer incidents becomes reduced
  • Less Broken Bones: Similar to the benefit of muscle strengthening during physical exercise, bone strength is also increased as bone density becomes greater through fitness in youth.  This means that the probability of breaking bones, both within the next year or down the road, will be reduced and helps to provide peace of mind.
  • Reduction in Blood Sugar Levels: When exercise occurs, muscles in the body take up more glucose from the blood stream and fulfill the need for added energy, which in turn helps reduce accumulation of sugar in the blood.  With over 29 Million Americans struggling with diabetes, the benefit of reducing blood sugar levels at a young age can’t be understated.
  • Strengthen the Heart, Strengthen Life: Even in children, heart disease has been identified as the leading cause of death in the United States.  By performing aerobic exercise, children help their hearts to become stronger and more efficient, helping to fight off potential disease

How to Get Started

The benefits and importance of working out with your child has been calculated, demonstrated, and supported by organizations and experts from around the world, so now the important question of “How to get started” must be answered.  Free parent-child workshops and exercise clinics that help to support healthy family lifestyles are critical in helping to get families started on the journey of physical wellness together.  At fitness studios such as MultiSport Fitness, the mission of helping “clients reach their health goals, find their passion for fitness and live a happy, healthy life,” goes far beyond one individual and reaches to fulfill the vision for families as a whole.

Contact MultiSport Fitness today and see how significant the benefits truly are when working out with a child and as a family.

Realize Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year is now in the rearview mirror and spring is on the horizon. How are you doing in realizing your New Year’s resolution? If you are in the same situation as thousands of other individuals that started off with high aspirations as to what this year would bring but now find yourself in a fitness-funk, you are not alone. Often times, the reason why an individual is unable to realize their New Year’s resolution is due to a lack of goal planning and support. In this article, we will take a closer look at how to realize your New Year’s Resolution by creating SMART Goals and fining the support that you need to achieve your objectives.

Establishing S.M.A.R.T Goals

A common goal that individuals pursue year after year is simply stated by their own word of, “I want to lose weight.” Or, sometimes, a little more concise such as, “I want to lose 10 pounds.” This is a great starting point, but provides for a drastic probability for lack of success due to the nonexistence of vision and accountability. Let’s take a look at how an individual can take this goal, or similar goals, and go from a great starting point to a successful outcome by being SMART.


The first step in making a goal successful and helping to realize New Year’s resolutions is to make a goal Specific. Think beyond the basic factor that may be attributing to creating a goal in the first place. Why do you want to become more healthy or active in your life? Is this goal going to help provide additional happiness to your life or help you to overcome a sickness or disease that has caught you off guard?

Who are you going to involve in this pursuit to becoming a healthier person? It takes more than one person to achieve a goal. Think about those that you are going to involve, such as family and friends, and the support system of a personal trainer.

What, specifically, do you want the outcome to look like when you reflect back and see the journey that you have come across? By becoming more specific in the development of an initial goal, you create the ability to have accountability and structure in progression to goal realization.


Beyond being more specific within goal creation, you must also decide how you are going to measure the attainment of a goal. Measuring goes beyond body mass and pounds off the scale, and can be measured in a multitude of methods. Measure your ability to run a further distance, or measure your level of happiness; no matter the goal you have set, give yourself the ability to measure progress and success along the way.


Now that your goal has become specific and measurable, the next step is to ensure that the goal you are looking to reach is in alignment with your passions and life goal. For example, if you are afraid of the ocean, you probably do not want to set a goal to swim across the Florida Keys. Ensure that the goals that you are working so hard to achieve will provide happiness at the end of the road; also, realizing that the road to success will be a challenging one, allowing you to push through your comfort zone and find strength in actions that you previously thought were unachievable. To help you get through the early mornings or extended workouts that you may come across, ensure that the goals that you are creating are aligned to a vision that you want to strive for as this is then something that you can look towards and help give you an extra push that you may need to take another lap or push another pedal.


Similar to alignment, the next portion of goal setting that will help you to realize your vision is to ensure goals are set in a realistic manner. It is ok to dream big and have large goals, but it may be vital to have smaller goals along the way. Rather than setting an initial goal, for example, to be able to run a Marathon after never have running any other distance races, the goal can be broken down into intermittent, realistic, goals. Breaking up the goal of running a full Marathon into several laddering realistic goals: Run a Mile, Run a 5K, Run a 10K, Run 10 Miles, Run a Half-Marathon, Run 20 Miles, Run a Marathon. The ultimate goal will be realized, but it is important to give yourself the opportunity to succeed and provide realistic goals along the way that will allow you to have accomplishment and be rewarded along the way.

Time Oriented

Now you have been able to transition your initial goal and have become specific, measurable, aligned, and realistic; now, it is time to add a level of time expectation to your goal. How soon do you want to achieve the goal that you have set? Using the related advice from before, ensure that the time orientation of the goal is also measurable and realistic, in giving yourself accountability as well as recognition-capability. If you are unsure of how long a goal may take that you are looking to achieve, partner with your personal trainer and involve those around you to help provide input. The goal may take 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or more, but as long as you have an expectation at the beginning and a time-oriented goal, you give yourself the ability to provide a benchmark for success along the way.

Spring is just around the corner, and so is your ability to achieve the goals and resolutions that you set for the New Year. Take a moment to reflect on the initial goals you wrote down in December and transition them to the S.M.A.R.T structure to help provide for the opportunity to realize your New Year’s resolution. Remember, you are never alone along the way to fulfilling your dreams and goals and your personal trainer will help to create an impactful plan to ensure you look back on this year, and years ahead, and realize the potential that you have truly known all along.

META DESCRIPTION SMART goals help make New Year’s Resolutions reality
EXCERPT “No matter the goal you have set, give yourself the ability to measure progress and success along the way.”
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