About Us

About Us

Our Mission is to help clients reach their health goals, find their passion for fitness and live a happy, healthy life.

Multisport Fitness is a fitness studio providing interesting, safe and effective workouts to help clients reach their goals.  Whatever their goal may be, whether it’s to get more fit, lose weight, fit into a particular dress, get leaner, faster, stronger, to relieve stress, get better sleep or whatever the client is looking to gain (or lose) in their life, we want to help them achieve that success.

We hope to inspire others and, in turn, have them inspire those around them.  We strive to create a comfortable and intimate setting where we really get to know our clients.  Only then are we truly able to know how to guide and motivate them.  Setting challenging, yet obtainable goals and making the most efficient use of our client’s valuable time will always be our objective.  We want our clients to find the courage to reach deep down and find their inner athlete, face their fears and gain strength in their mind, body and soul.  All of this while having fun.

We work very hard to bring happy, well-rounded and well-informed instructors and trainers to our studio.  Providing a clean and stylish environment for clients to workout in is a top priority.  Finally, we cannot forget our resolve to a create a healthier community at large and love our mother earth.

Our Business

Founded in 2010, Multisport Fitness is the culmination of years in the fitness world, taking instruction and wanting to share so much of what we learned.  Ironically, that process only taught us more.  We are very grateful for this process and cycle of enlightenment.

This business is a part of our fitness journey that started sporadically in our childhood, but became undeniable after having our first child.  Distance and speed running, weight training, ice hockey leagues, triathlons, racing and so much more became emblazoned in our lives.

We are at a very unstable time in our country and felt compelled to do our part to bring about change.  There was an obvious and unrelenting feeling to create an additional path in our lives.  The time is now, the goal is clear, we can feel the energy and are going full steam ahead.  All we can say is that we love this stop on our journey.

Our History

MultiSport Fitness was founded by Matt and Jennifer Fleischer.  Matt is a competitive speed runner, triathlete, and cyclist.  But his love is ice hockey.  He hopes to get faster and stronger with every year.  Jennifer is a distance runner, triathlete, cyclist, weight training enthusiast, group fitness junkie and swimmer.  She feels grunting is glamorous and sweatiness is Godliness. They have two children, Jadelyn and Evan.  Both of whom are competitive runners and triathletes themselves.  It’s a family affair.

Jennifer Hillis, long time friend to Matt and Jennifer Fleischer took ownership of MSF in 2014.  Jennifer has a long-term love affair with fitness.  Her passion began in 1999 as a Step Aerobics Instructor.  Jennifer is a fitness enthusiast and former Roller Derby competitor.  Her current passion is growing the business and campaigning to bring a healthy lifestyle into every home.