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Here are some of the most common questions about realryder, multisport fitness and group instruction classes.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions.

I still have some more questions about RealRyder classes…What is a RealRyder indoor cycling class?
MultiSport Fitness is the first studio in Pennsylvania to make exclusive use of the revolutionary RealRyder bikes. They are the only stationary bikes in the world that allow riders to bank and lean into a turn. As a result the workouts are more dynamic, intense and incorporate more muscle groups during use than a traditional indoor cycling bike.

I wouldn’t consider myself a bike rider, can I get through a RealRyder Class?
ABSOLUTELY!  Every rider has different fitness levels and these classes can accommodate them all.  You will ride at your pace and work within your abilities.  And we will make sure you still have time for fun.  All instructors at MultiSport Fitness will work with you to make sure that you are comfortable and safe during every class.  Don’t be shy to ask questions or for help.  We are here for you.

Why do outdoor cyclists enjoy this class so much?
When a cyclist is unable to hit the road or mountain for training, they turn to using a trainer.  A trainer is a valuable piece of equipment for a biker/triathlete because it allows the biker to train indoors.  Unfortunately, this type of training doesn’t truly simulate the outdoor road/mountain conditions and, quite frankly, is very boring.  RealRyder bikes are much closer to the real thing and can break the monotony of training indoors.  And why not have some fun while reaping benefits.  RealRyder bikes cut down the indoor to outdoor transition dramatically, burn lots of calories and build muscle needed to tackle the next race.

What do I wear and bring to a RealRyder class?
No helmets needed!  But, we do suggest tighter fitting workout pants to avoid chaffing.  And any “performance” fabrics that wick away moisture are good too.  Get ready to sweat.  The bike pedals are compatible with the two-screw, off-road style cleat and can accommodate sneakers.  Even though your feet aren’t taking a pounding while cycling,  your sneaker quality is still very important.  You will want a comfortable, properly fitted shoe with some support.  Tennis shoes will not be safe.  Take time to go to a sports store and get properly fitted.   Finally, do not forget a sweat towel (or two!) and a bottle of water.  But, in case you do, we have you covered.

Tell me some more about MultiSport Fitness (MSF) and other classes…

What do I bring to class?
Besides your lovely self…you will need to bring a towel and water.  And, to save time, the three required forms available here. We have yoga mats for your use, but please feel free to bring your favorite one from home.  We have a water cooler to refill your bottle if needed.  Also, there are various sport drinks and water for sale.  Also, as mentioned above, please wear appropriate footwear for all cardio classes.  Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about apparel and gear.  We would gladly assist you in getting suited up.

How do I sign up for classes or personal training?
You can sign up easily from any computer with an internet connection or right in the studio.  For classes, please arrive 15 minutes earlier if you plan on signing up in the studio.  Personal Training is by appointment only by contacting us.  You can schedule a class by simply clicking here.  You will be instructed to create a profile.  Once complete, you will be able to log in and purchase a series (Class Pass) or Membership and schedule yourself into a class.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AmEx.  That time and space is now reserved just for you!

How do I cancel and/or reschedule myself in a class?
We clearly understand that even with the best intentions you may not be able to make it to a class.  We greatly appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible if you are unable to make a class.  Ideally, we would like a 24-hour cancellation notice.  This way we can be as considerate as possible to others waiting for a space to become available. To cancel, you can simply call us and we will do it for you or you can just log into our online reservation system and click yourself out.  And don’t forget to click yourself back in a class somewhere more convenient for you.

How do I know how many classes are left on my pass and can I use it towards classes at all of the MSF locations?
At any time, at any place you can log into the online reservations system and see what was used on your pass and how it was used.

Do Class Passes have an expiration date?
Our class passes don’t expire for 2 years!  We know this is unusual, however, we understand that in life sometimes the unexpected happens.  Also, as people who are on our own personal fitness journey, we clearly know that from time to time we all lose track of our resolution to health.  We want to encourage clients to return regardless of the time it took them to regain their fitness commitment.    After 2 years, MSF will contact you to further discuss the remainder of your package.

An Auto Pay Membership??!  WOW!  Tell me more.
After great thought and preparation, we believe that we can support the auto pay needs of our clients.  We are thrilled to offer a very special Auto Pay Monthly Membership.  Once you become an Auto Pay Member (one-time $60 fee), you have access to purchase an Auto Pay Monthly Membership for $65 per month.  Although you are able to come to as many classes as you can, you still have to reserve your bike.  It’s a FIRST RESERVE, FIRST SERVE situation…so do not hesitate to sign up for classes to ensure you get a bike.  We do request, however, that you have the courtesy to take yourself out of class it you cannot attend so others waiting for a bike can ryde.

How do I purchase an Auto Pay Membership?
You can purchase the $60 initiation fee from the Online Store when you log in.  This will allow you to purchase the $65 per month Auto Pay membership found under contracts.  This will pay for your initiation fee and and first month of membership and it will automatically charge your card on file every month on the anniversary date for a year so you never lose your ability to reserve your bike.Don’t let the word contract scare you.  Auto-pay can be put on hold at any time.  And don’t forget Perkville … earning 10 points every time you attend a class…that adds up quickly with an Auto Pay membership.

Can I try out a class..or two?
We would love to have you!  Please come by for a tour of the studio and a Promo FREE week of unlimited classes (Aerial Yoga not included in Promo Free Week)!

Do you have a shower?
Yes, we do.  Please bring your own towel and toiletries.

Can I rent MSF and/or the RealRyder studio for an event?
We call this The RealRyder Experience! We would gladly put together a special group event, fund raiser or party for clubs, youth groups, churches, businesses or organizations.  For available dates and pricing, please contact us at info@mymultisportfitness.com.

You didn’t answer all of my questions, how can I contact you to talk to you in person?
We encourage ALL questions and comments.

Please contact us at 610-452-2777 or email us at info@mymultisportfitness.com.