RealRyder2As seen in many television shows like The Doctors, The Gadget Show and The Early Show, these bikes are taking the fitness, triathlon and biking worlds by storm.  The versatility and natural movement of these bikes are unequaled.  They are perfect for a triathlete or road cyclist looking to cut down on their indoor to outdoor transition, great for novices who are just beginning their fitness journey, fantastic for people looking to get a fun, calorie burning, body sculpting workout and wonderful for seniors and juniors looking to work on skills and balance.

There are numerous advantages to the RealRyder Stationary bikes when compared to other indoor cycling bikes and classes.  Here are just a few.

  • The RealRyder engages both your upper body and coreRealRyder1
  • It moves more naturally and feels much better
  • The bike burns 100 more calories per 45 minutes when incorporating turns
  • The bike improves balance
  • It is easier on your joints, because one is not locked into  an uncomfortable rigid plane
  • The RealRyder ABF8 allows for a variety of classes, from dance
    cycling to hardcore outdoor cycling simulations
  • The bike is more durable than its competition due to lateral
    forces on pedals, bottom brackets, and the drive train being absorbed by the movement of the bike
  • It rides much more like a real bike and appeals to cyclist and
    triathletes that have disliked the previous indoor cycles available
  • Physical Therapist love it for rehabbing injuries due to its
    natural movement
  • Seniors use it to safely improve balance while getting an
    excellent workout
  • Indoor cycling instructors are more enthusiastic to teach
    classes now that they have a bike that allows them to do so many more exercises
  • The RealRyder ABF8 looks beautiful, is very well made, and has the highest quality parts on any indoor cycle made including a 30 kg flywheel