Nutrition Programs

Power and Fuel Up with MSF!

MSF now offers all of the tools, education and motivation you need to achieve true body confidence permanently!

We have partnered with Venice Nutrition to bring you the most comprehensive, scientific, understandable, doable program THAT WORKS!

We use a scientific approach based on blood sugar stabilization to unlock your full potential.  You will have increased energy, reduced sugar cravings, increased appetite (it’s a good thing..I can’t wait to tell you why!), looser clothes, decreased body fat percentage and GET LEANER AND LIGHTER.

MSF_Shutterstock 5We will be addressing you as a full person with this program.  You will learn the 3-Step System to improve your health and lifestyle.  We will come up with solutions so that you can get your STRESS, HYDRATION, SLEEP, SUPPLEMENTS, NUTRITION AND EXERCISE in control so your body will be in balance and can become a fat torching machine and perform better than it ever has!

You have seen Mark Macdonald, creater of Venice Nutrition, on Dr. Oz, CNN, Chelsea Lately, in People Magazine or maybe you even read his NY Times best selling book, “Body Confidence”. Now it is our turn to reap the benefits of the most valuable information ever known about permanent, positive changes for our mind, body and soul.

I truly believe that a wellness opportunity like this will rarely be presented this completely again.  I will keep it simple, understandable and workable.  You will learn, tweak poor habits and love yourself enough to just do it. Together, we will make it happen.

HOW? you ask…FIRST. Or schedule your free 30min assessment.  THEN, choose your level of support.  We will be offering everything from online programs to small group classes to the ultimate….personal and private One-on-One consulting and coaching.

Anyone that participates in a nutrition package will get a special invitation to a powerful and private MSF Loves Venice Nutrition Facebook page.  Stay motivated and stay connected while learning valuable tips, recipes, and insight.

By the way, this program is great for people of all ages, sizes and athletic abililities!  So, YES, bring your kids, spouse, your neighbors, your parents, beginner & elite athletes and friends to learn together and build a team of success!

Stay TUNED to get TONED!


We also sell Quest, Core, Power Crunch, JBN, PB2, and Supplements.

  • One on one nutritional counseling and coaching

    Highly Recommended!  Let us tailor make your program to best fit your life and lifestyle.  This will include a private assessment, program presentation and 3 every-other-week follow up coaching sessions.  Plus, we are at your side to address any issues, overcome hurdles and push through plateaus.  We will come up with solutions and work with you towards success.  We are your personal coach as you make positive permanent changes in your life.  Love yourself enough.  Very empowering.  Your best bet for success!  Includes 3 months of Venice Nutrition online, a Venice Nutrition Member Handbook, 8 Week Run and 28 Day Jump Start….and BRAND NEW BODY CONFIDENCE!  Payment Plan Available

  • Group nutritional classes

    Learn important aspects of the program and tips to success in 12 different classes.  A new topic and a 15 min Q&A session every week.  Let’s learn together as a group to motivate and make it happen.  Includes 3 months of Venice Nutrition online, a Venice Nutrition Member Handbook, 8 Week Run and 28 Day Jump Start….and BRAND NEW BODY CONFIDENCE!  45 min.

  • Single nutritional counseling session

    Because even with the best intentions and success, life does show up.  We will address any aspect of the program that you need help with at that moment.  We will focus specifically on how you can make it work for your very unique and individual life.  This is also great to use if you need help to push past a plateau, tweak the program a bit, have questions getting started or simply some motivation to get rolling.  Includes a Venice Nutrition Member Handbook and 28 Day Jump Start.

  • Venice nutrition online

    This is the online program only.  It is available directly through  This is an incredible online program that is jam packed with tools to assist you when implementing your plan.  It includes: a personalized plan addressing all aspects of the program, customized meals, a goal guide, recipes, webinars, FAQs and much more.  This option includes only Venice support not MSF.  However, please use the name Jennifer Fleischer or MultiSport Fitness in the “referred by” line so we can be linked together and I can include you on the private Facebook page.  Extra tool=More Success!   $19.95/month $129/year

  • Full Body Composition

    The perfect way to monitor your real and lasting results.  We will do body weight and body fat percentage analyzing, interpret the results with you and set realistic goals.  The report will list this information as well as your BMI, lean body mass, fat mass, waist/hip/thigh measurements and hip to waist ratio.  Contact us to schedule $5 for clients only.