Pricing and Promotions

Once you use your 2 Free Classes and you fall in love with the MSF programs and ryding, you can purchase a Class Pass or Membership.  Think of a Class Pass as an electronic punch card and a Membership entitles you to attend as many classes as you can each month. The best news…Class Passes don’t expire for 2 years!! 

  • The 5 Class Pass   —  $50
  • The 10 Class Pass  — $95
  • The 20 Class Pass  —  $160
  • The Auto Pay Monthly Membership  —  $60 one-time initiation fee and $60 per month ALL CLASSES INCLUDED!! 
  • Drop In  —  $10

And, don’t forget our REWARDS PROGRAM.


Try Us! 50% OFF 5-CLASS PASS  – Hey New Clients!  Of course, everyone gets 2 FREE CLASSES but we are offering you a very special, limited-time promotion for your first purchase with us.  In appreciation of you trying us, we will provide you with a private, introductory promotion code exclusively and solely for YOU.  This promo code will take 50% off the 5-Class Pass (orig $50). This is a $25 savings!!  Look for this promotion code in your welcome letter from us or in the receipt for 2 Free Classes and add it to the promotions box upon checkout of your 5-Class Pass.  Ready to buy?

CHILDWATCH IS OFFERED MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY!  ChildWatch is now being offered on Monday – Friday at 9- 11:00am and Tuesdays 4-5pm and Thursdays 5-7pm .  No need to sign them up…just show up.  Have have them bring games, books, DS, iPods, etc!  Snack allowed too.  Ryde hard Mommies and Daddies!!  Child watch is $5 drop in per child or 10 passes for $30 ($3 value).

In coordination with our Youth Health Initiative, we would like to invite our celebrated youth to take classes right along side their parents.  They too get 2 FREE CLASSES then it’s just $5 for each class (High School and Below class rate).  Pre-registration for the youth is now available right on our website.  Or just call or email prior to a class to see if space is available and we can add them in.  Parents must accompany thier kids to their first class to fill out required registration forms.  Parents–we highly encourage you to stay and workout with your child!  A family that works out together, stays healthy together.   Please note that the class music is formulated for adults, not always radio edits and not censored.

We also book private rydes called The RealRyder Experience for groups.  This is perfect for your sport team, corporations, club or biking/triathlon group.  Please call for special pricing.

Please consider us for your next fundraiser.  We can raise money for our favorite charities, have fun and get fit doing it.


  • Drop In:  $10 per class
  • 20 Class Pass: 20 Classes for $160
  • 10 Class Pass:  10 classes for $95
  • 5 Class Pass:  5 classes for $50
  • Auto Pay Membership: $60 one-time initiation fee/$60 per month

Your first two classes are complimentary!

Our rewards program rocks!

Check back often or sign up on our email list to receive information on our Special Promotions or Special Rydes.


One on One Training:


  • $50 per session
  • 5 sessions for $225 ($45 per session)


  • $70 per session
  • 5 sessions for $300 ($60 per session)



  • $35 per session per person
  • 5 sessions for $150 per person ($30 per session, per person)


  • $55 per session per person
  • 5 sessions for $225 per person ($45 per session, per person)

Call for pricing on larger packages.