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Let’s Talk Fitness

Multisport Fitness is more than a judgement-free gym (although, we are that too). We’re also a one-stop-shop for family fitness.

Our facility is focused on helping you be the healthiest version of you. With our vast array of fitness classes such as Ryde and aerial yoga, nutrition services, individual or small group personal training, functional fitness assessments, and spacious open gym, we have it all!

We’ve worked hard to create a place where you fit, no matter your fitness level, and aim to make everyone comfortable.


We are taking all the necessary health and safety precautions to keep you safe and keep MSF open. We’ve increased cleanliness protocol and have spaced out the equipment and classes to accommodate social distancing.

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Vision & Values
  1. Authentic Relationships Icon
    Authentic Relationships

    Serving the MSF members is our top priority. Genuinely engaging in members’ lives and building real and altruistic relationships comes naturally to our MSF staff. Our employees work to create a sense of belonging and connectedness. Everyone at MSF is part of our family.

  2. Integrity & Respect Icon
    Integrity & Respect

    We will conduct our business with honesty and treat all staff, members, and guests with respect. Our dedication to truth and values will guide us to make the right decisions and execute the right path for the right reasons. We believe in standing by our word and keeping promises that we make. Our principal efforts are to earn our members’ respect, trust, and loyalty.

  3. Work Hard, Play Hard Icon
    Work Hard, Play Hard

    MSF appreciates the importance of hard work but we also have a playful side. Fitness should be fun and our goal is to provide that experience to our members.

  4. Progress is a Process Icon
    Progress is a Process

    Fitness takes patience, precision, and time. At MSF we honor the process and understand that results take time and commitment. Our staff nurtures that development while motivating and inspiring our members to be their best self. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and supported.

  5. Superior Service Icon
    Superior Service

    Each member of MSF is committed to listening, understanding, and responding to the interests and needs of our members. We value feedback (positive and negative) and strive for an authentic and extraordinary experience. At MSF, we believe in the “Customer First” philosophy and appreciate our members’ loyalty to our establishment.

  6. Inspire & Motivate Icon
    Inspire & Motivate

    At MSF, we strive to inspire those around us with our professionalism, integrity, passion and enthusiasm. Inclusion and involvement are key to motivating others. We embrace the opportunity to be role models. Our mission is to encourage our community to live a healthy lifestyle and to empower each person to reach their greatest physical strength and full potential.

  7. Pride for Our Gym Icon
    Pride for Our Gym

    We are a results-driven facility. We plan ahead, anticipate changes in the industry, and commit to flawless execution. We take initiative and always make decisions in the best interest of our clients. Once a course of action has been developed, employees execute with rigor and enthusiasm. We take pride in our work and our dedication to excellence.