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One on One Training at MSF

Do you have a personal fitness goal you’d like to reach? Maybe you aren’t sure of your personal goals but you’d like help developing a fitness routine that is right for you. At MSF, our certified personal trainers are ready to help you develop goals and reach past them, for a fitness routine that is customized. 

We also offer functional fitness assessments, which can help determine the best way to work out for your body. This can help minimize risk and increase benefits. For more information on functional fitness assessment availability and rates, contact us directly.

Interested in virtual personal training opportunities through MSF? Send us a message and we’ll reach out with more information.

In-house Personal Training

  • $65 per session
  • 5 sessions for $299.95
  • 10 sessions for $499.90

In-House Buddy Training 

  • 5 sessions for $194.95 per person
  • 5 sessions for $349.90 per person

For information on larger packages or to learn more about virtual personal training sessions, contact MSF directly!