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A real biking experience brought indoors

The only thing we love more than a functional workout for all fitness levels is one that is also fun. 

RealRyder® is an indoor cycle that moves like a real bike, turning and moving in multiple planes. It’s that natural movement and versatility that makes RealRyder® the perfect workout for triathletes or road cyclist, people just beginning their fitness journey, or those fitness buffs looking for a fun, exertive, and toning workout.

We incorporate RealRyder® into our fitness center, because we think it’s the perfect workout for your upper body and core, but it also has these great benefits:

  • Improved balance
  • Great for rehabbing injuries
  • More natural workout on your body
  • Easier on your joints
  • Burn 100 more calories per 45 minutes when incorporating turns

We also book private rydes called The RealRyder Experience for groups.  This is perfect for your sport team, corporations, club or biking/triathlon group.  Please call for special pricing.

Interested in learning about all of the fitness classes MSF has to offer? Give us a call or stop by the gym.